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- AGE OLD Debate -


The great debate, in its most delicious form.


PlayStation vs Xbox, Apple vs Everything Else, Star Trek vs Star Wars: These are never arguments based on logic, because logic isn’t required.


Only a winner.  As a commercials director, this is how I brought it to life.


How important is tomato sauce to us?  No more, or less vital than any of the above.  And yet we’ve seen the impact of this simple debate.


You see, the great thing about these timeless arguments is that when there isn’t a losing side, there can’t be a winner. But that doesn’t stop us from arguing our superficial points with any less fervour, only that we resort to our baser instincts.  And at times, that means we’re working from the same toolbox as our infant selves.


This seemingly innocuous condiment, evidently stirs up some very real emotions.  We’ve really got something strong in our premise, because somehow this childish argument absolutely resonates with adults.  And therein in lies our strongest conceptual tether, this connection to childlike wonder and imagination.  It’s the fodder for our mechanic of hyperbole, and by far the most charming aspect of our concept.  It’s the true potential for great advertising and filmic craft.


Here, we have the opportunity to add to the canon of age old debates through the most reflective of mouthpieces: Two young friends, arguing over the best way to enjoy All Gold Tomato Sauce.


We open on a wide shot a kid’s birthday party at a well-appointed suburban home. A few kids cross the camera as we settle in on two precocious young friends who sit down opposite each other in the leafy garden. The table that divides them is adorn with the typical birthday fare. They’re comfortable in each other’s presence, good friends no doubt. One confidently sports a Nasa outfit, while the other is dressed like a wizard. Classic fancy dress party.

final piece
behind the scenes

Amr Singh

TVC Director


Craig February


Alard De Smit

Sam Dell

Production Designer


Myles McDonald

Nic Goodwin



Nic Apostoli

Creative Director

Molefi Thulo

Abas Rashid


Art Director

Johan Botha

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